Conference Room

Conference RoomConference RoomConference Room

This customer had a very unique problem. They needed a conference room but did not have office space available.

Industrial Commercial Services offered the solution of utilizing un-used warehouse space not connected to the offices.

We opened up the wall separating the warehouse and offices. The concrete warehouse floor was in a state of disrepair, and due to remote access, our concrete crew had to bust out the floor with jack hammers.

ICS then re-poured the concrete floor, after installing electrical outlets in the floor. These outlets gave the customer the option to have hidden electric plug-ins underneath their conference table.

Our carpentry crew then displayed their talents. From the rough framing, drywall, painting, flooring, ceiling grid and tile, to working seamlessly with our HVAC and electrical subcontractors.

This project was a total success, solving a problem with a solution the customer didn’t know possible.